Friday, May 1, 2009


I love my bike, I truly do....

Monday morning after a visit with my physical therapist to work on my neck issues, I headed to my favorite trailhead to do a nice, long, peaceful pedaling...making a long story real short, while attempting to clip in I took a flop on my right side, hit the concrete hard and earned a trip to the hospital where the good people of the ER put my dislocated shoulder back where it belongs.

I'm right-handed. So, until I've seen the orthopedic surgeon this coming Monday, The Knitting Krazies and Pearl Too will be on a brief hiatus of unknown length - sorry, I'm wayyy too unknown a cartoonist to have any guest artists help out while I mend...I promise I'll heal as fast as I can and be back at the drawing board quick.

And to the three unknown angels of mercy that stopped to help me after I crashed - Dear Sweet Ladies, thank you so truly are the very best :)


  1. so sorry you are hurt.. I do hope you heal fast... please though take it easy and follow the doctors orders :) Miss you so much and cant wait to have you back to normal.

  2. (hugs) to fuzzy. Hope you are back to your cartoony self and feeling much better very soon!

  3. thanks so much, my friends...I will do my best to heal fast, I'm so terrible at typing with only my left hand lol