Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everyone Needs Some Snuggly Security

The Knitting Club at my son's elementary school is now in it's third year running; I'm their resident 'knitting expert', along with some other fabulous volunteers. We generally have any where from 50 to 60 students signed up and try to run either two short sessions or one really long one, depending on the enthusiasm of the kids - which is usually quite high, mainly due to the fact that our on-going project is making blankets to donate to our favorite charity, Project Linus, which donates blankets to children in need and in hospitals. The kids just love being blanketeers and I have the immense satisfaction of passing along a wonderful heritage art to new generations of kids. This Pearl comic is special in that any purchase made from the Pearl Too CafePress store with this image on it, I will donate my profit from that purchase to Project Linus.....why? Because I can, because I care :)
Click on the above comic to find the tee with this image...

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  1. sounds like so much fun :) Great cause and the kids are learning so much doing all of this :) Beautiful