Friday, February 6, 2009


"I have no yarn to knit anything with!" Translation: "I have no yarn in my huge stash that I want to knit anything with". That's when your knitter will start looking at alternative yarn sources and anything, any-thing looks like fair game to unless you want your extension cords to turn into socks, the best and only recourse is to take them to the nearest yarn store....immediately, if not sooner.

As promised, here is a couple of actual photos of the Pearl Too mug in the Give-Away...Please be sure to post a comment on the post that announces the contest below - and you can click on Pearl to find good stuff with today's comic on it :)

*Note from Head Krazie: Pearl Too Posts will show up on a every other week schedule - because bi-monthly takes too long and I have cartoons I want to show you. As always, images of Pearl Too or any other images on this blog belong to me - ask for permission first!


  1. So true! I told myself that I must get through the hank I just wound before ordering more yarn. But the compulsion is strong! I was actually looking at some old headphone cords the other day...

  2. I love it... I bought my first set of knitting needles today.. and even though I have tons of yarn.. I had to buy some new yarn.. lol have not even started and I am getting "weird" hubby says.


  3. it's a good kind of weird....welcome to the knitting universe :)