Sunday, January 25, 2009

Future Doings....

One of my main priorities here at Knitting Krazies is to try to make this blog that end, sometime next month, I will be running a contest to give away a Pearl Too coffee mug - I have one and the quality is just great - plus everybody loves a contest :)

I'm also contemplating doing a sort of Seller or Artist of the Month - this would be for folks that have an on-line shop or a blog that showcases their artistic endeavors....haven't quite worked out the particulars on that, but y'all will be the first to know :)

Pearl Too is going to be on a bi-monthy schedule and I will do my darndest not to miss updates - I'll be posting new comics on the first and fifteenth of each month....sometimes there will be more, especially if I draw something I'm just dying to share, lol.

So....that is it for what's going on at the moment - let me leave you with the following 'thought for the day': it's not the number of knitters you know, but how many scarves they think you need.

(Okay, I said it was a thought, not that it was a good one or anything, lol)

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  1. yeah... I cant wait to sign up for the mug... pearl too is so cute :)