Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to The Knitting Krazies!

Glad you found your way to you will find a special knitting dimension of yarn, needles, laughs, and occasionally a contest or two. If you're a beginner fiber artist or an uber-crafter, we'll try to cover all the bases for you. Here you'll also find the home of the cartoon, Pearl Too, a bi-monthly comic of a little chibi girly full of spunk, humor and wayy too much yarn, drawn by yours truly, Iris, the head Krazie here at chez Warm 'N Fuzzy :)

Here you'll also find links to my stores, Warm 'N Fuzzy Fiber Arts - my online yarn shop, Designs by Iris - featuring original handbags and wallets, and my Cafe Press store where you will find knitting-themed goodies and eventually Pearl Too links to other points of interest in the on-line universe as I discover them.

By the next time I post, most of the 'construction mess' should be cleared and this blog will make much more sense - so for today, let me just say we are so glad you are here.



  1. This is great...I cant wait to

  2. Thanks for the comments! Glad to be back on Blogger :)

  3. This is a great blog. I'd like to be a follower. You are welcome to visit mine.

  4. Thanks Larky Lady- you have a really lovely blog! I put your link on mine :)